Bringing Color Back into Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring Brown, Gray, and Black

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Orange, brown, red, yellow, purple, black… who said that dressing in fall colors had to be boring and dreary?  Why reserve all the lively colors in your wardrobe for spring and summer? Here is a tip, take the warm colors that stand out the most and purchase them in electrifying shades.  Do not allow the dropping temperature to take the vibrancy out of your closet. I created a fun and colorful outfit that explores the many shades of fall in unexpected ways. So how can you kick up your fall closet a notch?

1. Wear at least one or two fall colors in their brightest form.  Rather than going with a burnt orange or a deep purple, I opted for the light and sunny shades of the colors.  

2. Using a white cami and a brownish cardigan, I was able to balance the color palette perfectly.  It is important to balance your look with a mixture of all colors, not just bright ones. This, after all, is what makes fall days beautiful when you look at the trees that have changed colors.  The wide array of color blends and melds perfectly into the beautiful sight that we all love to gaze upon. Take a few notes from nature when creating your look.

3. Go bold, or go home.  There is nothing worse than a half effort.  We have all seen outfits where our eye is immediately drawn to the shoes, the top, or the pants and our eyes travel with high expectations to the rest of the outfit only to find extreme disappointment.  

4. Choose statement pieces that actually make a statement.  A statement piece is more than a piece of clothing or jewelry that stands out, it is a piece that is “must-have”.  A statement piece is something that you see in a store and you must find something else to wear with it. Often a statement piece is shoes or jewelry, however as seen with the unique skirt that I chose, Pop Art and prints can make a huge difference in a simple skirt or top.  

5. Makeup and Hair:  It is essential that your makeup and hair complement your outfit.  The bold polish color that matches the purse and the shoes are an essential part of this outfit. Flirty eyeshadow in mellow purple tint and a great lip gloss will finish this look perfectly.  If you choose an up-do or a cute ponytail, don’t forget purple dangling earrings.

Get the Nail Polish:

The awesome nail color you see here is Billie Jean from Julep.  

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Written by Kia McClain


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