Five Tips for Finding Stylish Summer Clearance Finds

How to Add Summer Clearance Sale Items to Your Fall Wardrobe

Summer is officially over, and if you are a fellow shoppingnista, you know that now is the best time to score great deals on hot summer looks.  If you are a mall rat like I am, you know that stores like JCPenney, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Old Navy, and other shopping mall favorites have a ton of clearance racks out, trying to get rid of everything summer from shoes to skirts.  

A few weeks ago, I scored a pair of gladiator sandals and a hot sequin dress together for less than $85 at JCPenney. I needed a great dress for a fancy restaurant on a date night with my husband. At full price, the dress I brought was $80 and the shoes were $65.  Essentially I brought both items for half off. It only took me about a half hour to find what I was looking for while my husband browsed around the mall. Today, I am going to share five tips to help you navigate the clearance sales quickly and efficiently while putting together outfits you love.

  1.    Arrive at the Store Early

You have heard the term that the early bird gets the worm, this is absolutely true with shopping.  Arriving early ensures that you will have the first and best pick from everything on the clearance racks.  If you wear a popular size arriving early is your best bet for finding great outfits with ease.

  1.    Arrive with a Shopping Plan

Before you leave home layout all the summer clothing that you currently have.  Anything that does not fit should be pulled off to the side and you need to consider if you are going to lose weight so that you can fit the item again.  You can take items that are too big, or too small and either sell them or exchange them for another outfit at thrift store hybrids such as Plato’s Closet.  Now that you see what is left, go to the store with a list of specific items you need to finish putting together your summer wardrobe.

  1.    Focus on Dresses First

In most cases, a dress is a one-piece outfit that requires nothing additional outside of shoes and accessories.  I suggest finding at least three dresses that you love and carrying them all with you. Once you have the dresses, find shoes that match.  While others are busy trying to piece together an outfit, you can score three complete outfits in no time at all.

  1.    Hail Mary Shopping

Find a group of clothing items that you really like in your size.  Once you have collected ten items or so, take a look at everything you chose and see if you can piece together an outfit from them.  Instead of going on the search for something that matches one item, surprise yourself with spontaneous fashion choices. If you set a budget, depending on how much everything costs you can bring the items you love back home to your closet and match them with your current everyday wear.

  1.    Give a New Summer Item a Fall Upgrade

Summer clearance sales do not mean you have to clear summer items out of your closet.  Simple additions such as boots and a jean or moto jacket can transform a summer outfit into the perfect fall look.  Do not be afraid to explore how to create fall looks out of summer clothing finds.

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