How to Blend Springy Pastel Colors into Your Fall Wardrobe

How to Wear Spring Colors in the Fall

Fall weather brings out brilliant red, yellow, purple, and more.  Why do we so often celebrate fall with dark colors?  Now I understand that darker colors hold heat in better, but not every fall day is cold.  Sometimes we have warm days and cool evenings that lend themselves to something that is not quite summer attire, but not fall either.  This in-between weather is where I like to have fun with brilliant red or a mixture of soft and warm colors such as pastels and camo.  I also have an edgy side so that I chose to express with the shoes!

I love pastel colors because anything pastel matches with EVERYTHING pastel!  I had fun bridging color schemes with the stand out blue nail polish and the hombre style bodycon dress.  This entire outfit is a statement that works on any skin tone and the nail polish on the toenails and fingernails just adds electricity to the entire look.  The camo and metals bring us back to the season and add just enough edgy energy to the look without overdoing it.  This look is for the girls and women who vow to never wear pink, like me!

I urge you to try pastel this season if you are already dabbling in pastel and have come up with a look or two of your own, drop a pic and share it with us!  I would love to see it!

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