Must-Have Fall Closet Staples Every Girl Needs

Your Fall Fashion Survival Kit Is On Deck!

Being both warm and fashionable as the cooler months set in is a task.  In fact, cute and warm in the minds of many women are two polar opposite concepts.  Amazingly, the secret to being warm and stylish simply lies in the type of material (cloth) you choose and how you layer your clothing.  So what is the warmth secret?  Wear cotton.

Cotton Camisole

A white or black cotton camisole can go a long way in preserving warmth at your core.  The camisole also provides a heat locking layer pressed up against your skin.  You can choose how thick your camisole is as well.

Cardigan Sweater

My cardigan game is strong and gives me a versatile mix of warmth and cooling off as needed.  Our next staple piece, the wide belt, locks in the warm when you need it and the option to open up the cardigan when you don’t.  What I love about cardigans is that they typically go with everything, and they also range in thickness too.  The more fluffed your cardigan, the more body heat you can lock in.

Cotton Pants

Cotton pants are not just for school uniforms, they are quite fashionable and preferable compared to jeans.  Anyone who has worn jeans in cold weather has quickly realized that they are not the warmest choice.  Cotton pants come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures.  I prefer fitted, high-waist cotton pants that will fit right into my boots or over my boot-cut pants.

Boots With Cotton Lining 

It can take some time to find these boots but think of Uggz and all the copycat boots that have come after them.  Cotton lined boots are the final way to keep your feet warm and cozy no matter what style you are wearing.  They are difficult to find, especially if you are looking for boots with heels.  However, these boots are not impossible to find, and not all of them are terribly expensive if a pair of Uggz will set you back a couple of bills.

So ladies again, the secret to warmth is cotton!  If you already have your cotton wardrobe for the fall and winter and want to share some of your best practices for staying fashionable and warm, drop a pic in the comments!

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