Wearing White After Labor Day Never Looked So Good

Ignore the Warnings About Wearing White After Labor Day

Breaking the classic rules of fashion continues to be an ongoing trend; at we are happy to comply with the changes to the rules. We especially love the “fall and winter whites” trend, which defies the thought that it is not proper to wear white after Labor Day.

Accessories are the word of the day, you can never have enough colorful and statement-worthy accessories with your outfit.  The secret to pulling off the white dress is not as much about the white dress as what you wear with it and how it fits.

If you have a boyish figure (no curves) a fit and flare dress is going to be your best friend.  The more attention you can take AWAY from your hips, butt, and waist, the better.  Avoid anything fitted in that region of your body, especially white or light clothing as much as possible.  Light clothing will accentuate and exaggerate while darker colors conceal.

The same goes for those looking to tuck away extra pounds as well as those with cellulite.  Every bump, lump, and uneven surface is easily detectable while wearing fitted white clothing.  A flowy dress puts the focus on your legs and accessories vs your body shape.  Fit, curvy girls, white is your friend all day long.

I think that the “white” fashion timeline rules has more to do with the weight gain that happens during the holiday season than the weather.  Let me know what you think of my advice in the comments below.  Do you wear white after Labor Day?

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Written by Kia McClain

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