How to Dress When You Don’t Have a Butt

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How to Look Great In Clothes Without Plastic Surgery

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There is a much less drastic way to look great in the figure that you are in without running to a plastic surgeon to get a look that your bone structure does not support.   We have all seen it, the giant behind with skinny, lackluster thighs and no hips that create more of a cartoonish look vs anything that is remotely sexy.  

Now more than ever, stylists need to step up to help women look great in the skin they are in vs allowing Instagram to continue to feed false fantasies of bootyfabulousness.  So what can you do if you don’t have hips or a butt?  The most important thing to remember when you are dressing is that it is not your body type that makes the outfit but rather choosing the right cuts and looks that do not accentuate areas that do not flatter your figure.

Rule 1: Ditch the tight clothing.  Tight clothing only announces to the world that you don’t have hips or a butt.  If you wear tight clothing it must be done strategically.

Rule 2: Ditch light colors unless you are wearing loose clothing.  Light colors historically reveal rather than conceal.  

Rule 3: Straight leg pants and other flowy bottoms are your best friend.  An illustration of this comes in my first outfit choice above.  Straight leg pants are specifically made for women who do not have hips and butts and the look is elegant.  You can still show a little skin and look stunning by buying a pair that gives you good waist coverage.  I would suggest at least mid-rise pants.  Low-waist pants are a no-no, no matter how thin you are.  

If you are looking for a more fitted look, choose a black or dark colored pair of straight leg pants.  It will help to conceal your shape while giving you a slim, classy look.  If you have a little more meat on your bones, especially a mommy pouch, you will want to choose wider pants legs (palazzo pants), which give you more room to conceal extra fat, or areas you don’t want to accentuate.  Do not buy high-waisted pants no matter what size you are.  Mid-rise will be your best friend.

Rule 4:  A great belt goes a long way with this look.  A nice flashy belt will draw the eye above your waistline and can help you slim your belly area even more which can give the illusion you have curves, especially when wearing black.  You can also purchase a nice sash, in the example above a knit sash is built right into the pants providing another great concealer technique.

High-waisted pants are a no-no, the lack of hips and butt create a Spongebob square pants effect that you don’t want to highlight.   The extra room left in the front of the pants that should have been tightened up by your butt ends up an reservoir for mommy pooches or extra fat which creates an equally offputting appearance.  
High-waisted pants also highlight the fact that you don’t have a butt.  These pants are designed specifically for women with curves to fill the jeans out.  As seen on the first pic, the lack of curves results in the jeans bunching up, the extra room meant for hips and a butt will either collect in the front of the pants or the back.

Rule 5: Wear your flashiest pair of pumps. I chose a statement piece top to draw the eyes to the look from top to bottom.  This creates balance to the eye when more than one area of the outfit stands out.  Rather than singling in on your waist region, the onlooker will take in your whole look from head to toe.  Pulling those “badass” pair of showstopper shoes out of your closet will perfectly complete your look.

Rule 6: Accessorize.  The idea is to pull attention away from your waistline.  This might be a great day to wear an over-sized purse you can sling over your side.  

Rule 7: Wear an up-do hairstyle.  Remember we want to draw the eyes up and then down.  If want the dangle effect up top, choose a nice pair of earrings. 

This is just one of many articles to help women who don’t have hips or a butt.  Stay tuned for more! Sign up for a consultation with one of our personal stylist today!

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Written by Kia McClain


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