Red NYE Style Ideas For Every Body Type

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Looking Great in Red Has Never Been Easier!

Looking great in red is a given, but so many women bypass the opportunity to add red to their wardrobe. It is no secret, red is automatically associated with looking sexy. In fact, a study done by Psychology Today found that men find women who are dressed in red, no matter how attractive they are, sexy.

When most women think of wearing red they think of figure-fitting, tiny red dresses. Wearing red goes so far beyond a simple bodycon dress on a woman with an hourglass figure. Today, I want to take you outside of the stereotypical red dress to explore other options that better fit your figure.

For example, our first look, the fit and flare, wrap dress can be worn by anyone, no matter their size or figure and generally everyone will look great in the dress. Adding statement accessories to this simple dress make the whole look undeniably great.

Red doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to a dress only. During winter weather a red trench placed next to amazing statement pieces can be everything you need to turn eyes in your direction. At the end of the day, sexy doesn’t have to mean revealing or form-fitting. Wearing red within your comfort zone is absolutely possible and equally as stunning!

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Written by Kia McClain


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