We take the three, essential, cornerstones of brand building, and combine them in a comprehensive way to present your brand with credibility, insight about your desired audience, and an intuitive understanding of what your audience wants in a brand. In today’s marketing climate, it is important to remember that one size does not fit all, and brands must essentially fit the consumer’s lifestyle. Secondly, it is important for your brand to be distinguished and supply one-of-a-kind content. Consumers need a reason to stay interested in your message beyond your product. We help you to become the voice that they want to hear on a regular basis.


From stay-at-home moms to fashionistas, we focus on building communities of people who have something in common with your brand. Our targeted marketing approach creates familiarity with your brand over an extended period of time by way of consumers reading their favorite magazine, blog, or watching their favorite web show that is sponsored in an intimate way by your brand. Our multi-layered approach is unique and customized specifically to your brand. Our unique business model allows us to charge affordable rates for infinite value that you will love.


Unfortunately, one marketing plan is not the only plan that you will ever need in order to grow your business. A great way to continually keep people interested in your brand is to change gears often. We love analytics and research. Not only do we monitor your campaigns, making changes as needed to create the best results, we also take note of what people respond to the most. Whether they are a consumer, or a prospect, we love big data! We are also a Google Partner and we are skilled at using the tools to hone in on results and use the data to shape future campaigns. We also have a creative touch that begs for people to click and learn more.


Our services for brands, shopping & retail, fashion designers include:

Fashion & Style Branding
Digital & Print Magazine Design
Digital & Print Lookbooks
Graphic Design & Illustrations/Sketches
Outfit & Beauty Styling Infographics/Ads
Fashion, Beauty, and Styling Articles
DIY Tutorials Using Your Products
Fashion/Beauty Shows
Online/Offline Glam/Retail Parties (Makeup + Beauty + Clothing Products)
Online/Offline Personal Styling Sessions
Integrated Marketing/Digital Marketing
Blog/Social Media Management
Website/Blog Design
Virtual/Offline Retail Location (PopUp Shops)

Our services to consumers include entertaining and informative articles that introduce products, brands, models, designers, and more. Additionally, we provide targeted styling advice and examples to help the everyday woman look her best at affordable prices. Our company also offers personal styling services to consumers through a unique mixture of virtual and offline strategies.

Our business services are managed through our parent company, Shenomenon Corp.

We currently service fashion brands and designers around the world and have helped our clients to attain more than ten million visitors a month to their respective websites.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a quick turnaround on earned media for our clients. Contact us to get started!