Join Our Affiliate/Blogger Program, Earn an Income on

We connect bloggers, influencers, personal stylist and shoppers, with brands via our platform here on We are a native advertising platform that combines authentic stories with brand endorsements. If you are a blogger who is interested in participating in our program, the benefits break down as follows:

1. You will receive commissions on the sales produced from your blog posts on our site and re-blogs/promotion that you post on your own blog/social media/etc.

2. Your respective blog will be promoted along with a brief bio and photo so readers know how to connect with you directly.

3. You will have your own personalized page created on as well as blog posts.

4. Your posts will be displayed on a site that is high quality with exclusive interviews from celebrities, and more.

5. You will have the opportunity to work directly with brands and earn free products, exclusive opportunities, and more.

6. We now have brands looking for fashion, lifestyle, foodie, travel, home decor, and beauty bloggers who can create video and original photography based blogs, the more influence you have, the more perks and pay you gain.

7. We provide and help you to create leads for your services as a personal shopper/stylists to the women who stop by our site looking for services.

8. You receive a portion of the advertising revenue earned from views of ads and sales made from the ads displayed on your page.

9. Exposure- Our site averages 10,000-15000 unique visitors a month and we are rapidly growing. We pay for ads that promote our entire network, which in addition to your own promotion means more sales and advertising revenue for you.



You will find our program to have the least amount of rules of any program you have ever participated in. Our rules and terms of service are so simple in fact, we will list them here for you to read.

1. You cannot bid on advertising keywords that have anything to do with our advertisers, example Dorothy Perkins Stylist. Anyone who is found engaging in this practice will immediately be released from our program.

2. You cannot bid on the keywords, outfitsets or outfitset and you cannot buy a domain containing the words, OutfitSet or OutfitSets.

3. You must identify yourself as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, not an employee of

4. You will not use spam, or spam-like practices to promote yourself online. All outlets for promotion MUST be sent into the corporate office for approval.

5. You will not “buy traffic” to send to your page on through spammy services. Additionally, you will not buy likes, Twitter followers, or any other sources on social media outside of approved advertising methods such as using Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Adwords, Bing, etc.

6. All offsite affiliation with must be sent to our corporate office for approval.